Weekly Update: January 30 – February 5

RECOVERYYY WEEK!!! This was much needed after my high mileage week and not feeling the best health-wise the past few days.  I took full advantage of resting my legs and I’m super pumped for this week’s hard training and half marathon.

Monday, January 30: Rest. Even though I took Sunday off, I was still feeling some fatigue in my legs so I decided to take Monday completely off.  Stretched a little bit, but honestly didn’t think much of my training at all.
(Rest Day)

Tuesday, January 31: I fully intended on running, but I had a KILLER headache and couldn’t get myself outside for even a few miles.  I thought maybe if I waited until later in the day the pain would go away, but I dealt with the damn thing for the entire day.  I’ve been increasing some of my medicines and what do you know – the headaches came back – so maybe it’s just something I have to deal with for a little bit.

I did end up doing a little bit of strengthening, so better than nothing.  Lots of squats, leg lifts and some abs. Probably did it for 25-30 minutes, but honestly didn’t keep track.
(Running Rest.  Strengthening – abs, legs focus – 25-30 minutes)

Wednesday, February 1: Well, I wanted to start February with a bang so I knew I needed to get a little run in.  The headache was lingering (of course) so I hit up the treadmill so I could halt the run abruptly, if needed.  I hate how much I have to run on the treadmill some times, but it’s also super helpful for me if I start suddenly feeling sick and just need to be done fast, so I can hurry back up to my apartment.

But, since it had been three days since I last ran, this run felt awesome.  I went easy for 3 miles and enjoyed feeling good.
(3 treadmill miles, 7:46 min/mile pace)

Thursday, February 2: After I finished up work, I realized what a beautiful evening it was and I headed out for a run as soon as I got home.  I love how much lighter in the evenings it’s been, and I was able to run along the Mt. Vernon trail while the sun set in beautiful weather. I can’t believe how mild this winter has been!

I ran 3 miles, but because it was such a beautiful evening I decided to keep walking after my run.  Ended up walking for about 2 miles and it was a wonderful way to shake out my legs.
(3 road miles, 7:49 min/mile pace. 2 miles walking after)

Friday, February 3: My day off! Since I have not been feeling the greatest, I decided to have a relaxing day and not stick to any schedule. I ended up having coffee in bed while doing a crossword (I used to do one every day – now I never do them, wah) and then had a late breakfast.  When I finally headed out for my run it was beautiful weather once again, so I headed to Roosevelt Island to change it up for some soft trails.


img_0862I loved this run.  It was cold enough to feel like winter, but not bitter enough to make me wish I was still in bed.  I ran loops and loops around the island until I was content. Ended up going a little over 5 miles.
(5.4 miles, 8:22 min/mile pace)


Dave and I went out to dinner later this day and we got Pho! I LOVE pho and we went to a little place in Old Town and I seriously had the best vegetarian pho I’ve ever had.

Saturday, February 4: I woke myself up earlyyyy to get this run in.  I knew I was going to be out all day with friends so if I didn’t get my run in that AM, it wasn’t going to happen.  Pretty chilly on the Mt. Vernon Trail and I wished I was able to get to a soft trail, but I didn’t leave myself with enough time to drive somewhere.

The run was ok, I felt good, but really nothing to write home about.
(4.6 miles, 7:46 min/mile)

Sunday, February 5:  Stayed up pretty late the night before, so I really didn’t feel like getting out for my run even though it was another short one. Decided to walk to Starbucks instead and get coffee (priorities) and do some reading before work instead.  Fantastic choice.

While I was at work, I knew I was going to run right afterward so a few hours before, I powered up with this amazing meal:

IMG_0864.JPGIt’s vegan chorizo, rice, sweet potato, spinach, onion and broccoli.  SO GOOD. I actually made it Friday while I was enjoying my day off.  Totally recommend.

I headed to the treadmill right after I got home from work.  Dave was not feeling well so I wanted to get out of the apartment and get my workout in before things got worse, and before the Super Bowl started!  The treadmill was pretty boring but my legs felt good, so there’s that.  Went about 5 miles and finished right before kick off, but when I got back up the apartment, Dave informed me our cable was out in the entire building. Sucks to suck, am I right?

Since I honestly don’t care about football, I didn’t really mind.  We streamed it through Dave’s iPad but the resolution was not great. I ended up reading through most of the game and then had a fantastic stretch session.
(5.2 miles, 7:46 min/mile pace)


NOTES ON THE WEEK: This is honestly right where I wanted to be. This was my last low mileage recovery week and I wanted to take FULL advantage of it. Now, it’s endurance building time and I hop right back up to 40-48 miles/week.  I’m excited, but starting to get more nervous.  Really just need to start focusing on getting some quality strengthening workouts in 2-3x a week and some cross training.  Then I’ll feel more confident!

Shit gets real from here.


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