Weekly Training Update: Jan 16-Jan 22

Another week in the books! I continued with building mileage this week and it actually went pretty well for me.  Hoooorayyyyyyy.

Monday, January 16: My birthday! I tried to enjoy today as much as possible and the training plan called for a steady 4-5 miler. I hit the Mt. Vernon Trail for a nice run before work, which I knew was going to be incredibly busy with it being a federal holiday and all. It was nice to discover my soreness from last week was gone and I had no foot pain!
(5 miles outside – 7:55 min/mile pace)


ALSO: look at these delicious vegan sloppy joes Dave made me for my birthday! NOM.

Tuesday, January 17: Today I was supposed to run 3 miles but I was not having a good day and I ended up skipping the run. I thought about doing some cross training or strengthening when I got home from work but it didn’t happen either. Sometimes these days happen for me, and I don’t expect my training to ever go perfectly. I had a migraine after waking up early and the day just wasn’t mine.
(rest day)

Wednesday, January 18: Workout day!!! I really love doing tempo workouts…but because I rocked myself so much last week I was hellbent on doing a better job of pacing this week. I used the treadmill again because it’s really hard for me to hit paces alone outside off of a track.

I did a 15 minute warm up then a 2, 4, 6, 4, 2 pyramid with equal rest.  My tempo paces were again between 6:30 – 6:00 min/mile pace but it felt much easier this time!
(15 minute warm up + entire tempo workout: 7 miles at 7:11 min/mile pace)
(15 minute cool down: 1.7 miles at 8:34 min/mile pace)

img_0682Happy Post-Workout!

Thursday, January 19: Today was supposed to be a rest or cross training day but I decided to make up my missed 3 mile run on Tuesday. I was nervous I’d be sore, but I actually felt fine taking it easy.

I also did a little bit of strength training. Nothing major, but at least it’s something. Focused on doing some squats, abs, calf raises, and some bicep/tricep stuff.  I didn’t do nearly as much as I should, but I’ll get there. I hope.
(3.1 miles at 8:04 min/mile pace)

Friday, January 20: So, ordinarily I like to go hit some trails on Friday but because of inauguration, I didn’t feel like dealing with weird traffic. I decided to do my long trail on the Mt. Vernon Trail and it was actually really nice. I’m pretty sure the pace was a little too fast for being my long run, but I’m not used to doing it on asphalt and zero hills. I got a little competitive with catching other runners ahead of me too…so there’s that.

Even though I wasn’t on a trail I really enjoyed this run. I made it to Roosevelt Island but didn’t really get to run around on it at all because I needed to turn around almost immediately. I feel like I did a good job fueling today and it was kinda cool to watch the city from afar and hear everything going on at the Pentagon as well.
(12.2 miles at 7:52 min/mile pace)

Saturday, January 21: Dave and I headed to Hershey, PA, on Friday so we could go to Troegs, so I woke up nice and early to get a good stretching in. I was definitely feeling sore from a lack of stretching the day before (I finished my long run, showered, ate and got right in the car to go to Hershey) so the soreness was all my fault. I stretched for a good half hour though and then Dave and I headed to a rail trail to get a little run in.


I tested my new trail shoes (hoka speed goats) and I’m still undecided on them. Obviously a rail trail is not a vigorous trail so I’ll be interested in testing them out at Fountainhead and Great Falls, but they do fit my feet a little differently than most shoes. I think there’s a little bit of stability built into this model which I don’t really need (I’m a neutral runner) so we’ll see how my next few runs go in them.

I ended up going just about 6 miles on the rail trail. It was a beautifully foggy morning and so peaceful! My legs felt good in the first three miles but by the end the soreness and stiffness were back and I was really feeling it.  I was really glad to have this run over with at the end.
(5.9 miles at 8:09 min/mile pace)

So, the above beer was my first in 3 1/2 months. It took me an hour and half to drink it – ha! And on the right is the most delicious cabbage rolls EVER. Got them at the Hershey Hotel for dinner when Dave and I went out to celebrate my birthday.

Sunday, January 22: Dave and I drove back to VA early this morning so I would make it to work on time. I had plenty of time to squeeze in a little run before work, but honestly didn’t feel like dragging myself outside.

I didn’t end up running until 8:30 pm. I hit up the treadmill because it was only 2 miles and I didn’t feel like going out into the dark and rain. When I first started running, my knees felt HORRIBLE. They felt creaky and painful so I kept my stride super short and within .25 miles the pain dissipated. Sometimes this happens for me, especially in my right knee where I had a dreadful surgery.

I ended up going 3 miles nice and easy. Felt much better once I was done.
(3 miles at 8:00 min/mile pace).


NOTES ON THE WEEK: I’m really happy with the weekly mileage BUT not so much with the strengthening and the cross training. I really, really really need to do more next week.  That’s the goal!


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