Weekly Training Update – Last Week

OK – Weekly update time!

I apologize for not getting to the update last week.  It was actually a HORRENDOUS weekend for me health-wise and I had no energy at all to update the blog.  I’ll recap some those training runs too.  It’s only fair.

I’ll start with last week because it was my first big week back off of a recovery week.  Then HOPEFULLY you’ll see another post this Sunday for this week.

This week I had SO MANY DELICIOUS vegan and vegetarian meals.  They had me feeling good and super excited for what other recipes I could try in the future.

JANUARY 9th – today was just a regular ol’ steady state run.  It was SO COLD outside and I made the decision to go outside without my balaclava and I really regretted it.  The whole time I was running I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I never warmed up.  Also dealt with some of my mysterious foot pain.
(4 miles outside – 8:08 min/mile pace)

IMG_0607.JPG(Look at this delicious spicy Korean rice cake dinner with a soft boiled egg and veggies on top!!!)

JANUARY 10th – The training schedule didn’t call for cross training today but I moved some things around because I knew I would be traveling at the end of the week.  Decided to hit up my bike trainer for the first time in forever and it was tough going, even though I wasn’t cycling hard.  MUST GET BACK IN CROSS-TRAINING SHAPE!

I followed up the cycling with a 2 mile shake out.  Much warmer today and the brevity of the run made it quite enjoyable.
(45 minutes cycling on bike trainer.  2 miles outside – 8:10 min/mile pace)

JANUARY 11th – WORKOUT DAY!!! This week’s focus is SPEED, and because I do almost every run alone, I decided to use the treadmill so I could hit the paces I wanted.  I felt like the workout went fantastic – little to zero foot pain and I felt like I was flying at some points.

15 minute warm up, then pyramid workout. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 uptempo intervals with equal rest.  I was running the tempo portions anywhere between 6:30-6:00 min/mile pace.  I felt great.
(15 minute warm up + entire tempo workout: 8.7 miles at 7:08 min/mile pace)
(1.1 mile cool down at 9:05 min/mile pace)

(I had the best meals after my workout. Lunch was an epic salad from SweetGreen with so many delicious veggies, and dinner was vegan sweet potato quesadillas – NOM!)

JANUARY 12th – oh. my. god. SO SORE TODAY.  I headed out in the AM for a shake out run (the weather was absolutely beautiful – t-shirt and shorts kinda day IN THE MIDDLE OF JAN) and I felt like my legs were bricks! I SO wanted to enjoy this run but I felt miserable the whole time, like I was dragging my lower body.
(4.1 miles at 8:16 min/mile pace)

I drove to NJ this night after work so I also felt like the extended amount of time in the car did not do me any favors.

JANUARY 13th – AM: I went and saw my physical therapist who used to take care of me for all of my injuries.  Before I moved away to DC, I had been her patient for about 10 years – she saw me through my entire high school and collegiate running career.


I had her look at my foot (I suspected the cuboid) and even though when she did the manipulation we heard some crackling down there, she told me the reason I was getting the foot pain is because my achilles is super tight.  And because the tendon is so tight, I’m not really getting any flex in my ankle and the pain is deferring down the side of my foot.  So, while I was there she really focused on stretching me out and urged me to start stretching regularly and making it a big part of my routine.

After seeing my PT, I spent most of my day outside picking up the yard of my childhood home.  When it came time to actually get my run in, I wasn’t super excited. I was definitely tired this day.  But I headed to Thompson Park (MY FAVORITE) and hit the trails.

not even pick-up-sticks. try, enormous pieces of tree I must drag off the yard.
Killin’ it.
Thompson Park in all its glory.

The run went alright. I was still incredibly sore, but I felt this was okay because I usually feel my workout soreness two days later.  I didn’t hit any real technical trails because I was feeling so lethargic, but I tried to enjoy the few easy trails I shuffled along.
(5.6 miles at 8:43 min/mile pace).

JANUARY 14th – Long run day!!! Because I was coming off a recovery week, the long run for this week actually wasn’t too “long.” I decided I would head back to Thompson in the hopes I would enjoy it more than the day before, but I was still so. sore.  Pretty much realized I went way too fast during my Wednesday tempo workout and knew I was just going to have to gut it out through this run.

I was having some real bad stomach pains in the first few miles and felt sure I was going to have to cut the run short.  But after 4.5 miles, things sorta clicked for me and I went into my “long run mode.”  I remembered running through this park as just a kid, and I visited all the trails I used to run with my teammates: wooded single-track trails, big open paths through golden fields, and root-riddled forest trails.  I thought about how far I’ve come, and how lucky I was to even be out there running.  By the time I hit 10 miles, I was exhausted, but ecstatic!
(10 miles at 8:38 min/mile pace).

JANUARY 15th – Rest Day.  And boy oh boy did I need it.  I did not have a good night on the 14th (it ended with my going to bed at 3:45 AM in the morning) and I was exhausted.  I had to go to work, so I used my morning to relax, eat a big breakfast and take some time to myself before heading to the store. I knew it’d be busy with the holiday weekend…being at work all day was basically my workout.

JANUARY 9th – JANUARY 15th WEEKLY MILEAGE: 35.5 miles.
NOTES ON THE WEEK: I’m really happy with this! It’s been so long since my mileage has been in the 30s so I was incredibly proud of myself for getting out there and working through some lyme-related pain and then just general soreness.  The only thing that would have made this week better would be if I STRENGTH TRAINED.  I know if I don’t start strength training, I’m screwed. I really need help and motivation doing this.



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