Hi. Titles are the worst.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing.  Blessed as a lefty, growing up I always had a metallic sheen smeared all over the outside of my hand from scribbling furiously in some notebook with a pencil.  I told everyone I was going to be a writer when I grew up and adults always smiled encouragingly at me. I loved putting sentences together, watching the words unravel and then swirl back together in my head until they hit the perfect cadence.  This, at least, has never changed for me.

While writing stories comes easy to me, telling them is harder.  Maybe it is because of the subject matter (I write nonfiction, mostly about running and other less impressive life struggles), but when it comes time to tell my story now, I freeze.  I hate feeling vulnerable and I’ve never been one to share my feelings openly.  I can pretend to be strong when I’m not, and I can pretend to be happy, even when my entire soul aches with a hollow emptiness.  And this is why storytelling is so important to me.  Because my words can show what I’ll never be able to say.

So putting the wishy-washyness aside, I’m starting this blog for a number of reasons.  One – because I would like to write more about my running experience, and share the trials and tribulations of my training.  Two, because maintaining a blog will help me stay in a creative mainframe – something I lost when I came to DC, but have been working really hard to get back since the beginning of this year.  And three – because I hope by sharing my experiences I can help inspire and teach others from both my successes and mistakes.

I guess we’ll see what comes of this.  In the future I’d like to share some of my personal writing as well as get more into depth about my running goals for the future (need to get over this pesky stress fracture first).  Time will tell if this blog just putters out or if it will take us for the long ride.  Just taking it day by day for now.  I trust it will find its direction soon enough.


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